Absolute Showroom Diesel



This class is intended for Diesel Trucks
that are factory in options and appearance. This class is intended for daily drivers &
work trucks with very few external add on’s and no internal modifications. To put this
as Plainly & Simply as it can be stated, this class is for basically Stock Diesel Trucks.
If your truck has modifications then your truck does not belong in this class.
1. All General Rules Apply
2. A Valid PA Vehicle Registration, Inspection Sticker and Insurance Card
ARE REQUIRED. Paperwork may be requested at registration.
3. 95% factory.
4. No internal or external modifications are permitted. (except air cleaner & exhaust
5. No Programmers, Tuners, or EFI Live.
6. Exhaust should exit rear of truck or vertical stacks behind cab.
7. Truck Exhaust System must also pass PA State Inspection & the inspection of
Track Officials
8. A technical safety inspection is required at registration.
9. An upgraded or aftermarket air cleaner is permitted.
10. Turbos, are to be original & stock. This is no swapping between makes or
aftermarket permitted in this class.
11. No Supplemental Injection Systems.
(example:propane, methane, water injection, etc.)
12. #2 Diesel Fuel only.
13. Tires must be DOT tires. (NO CUT TIRES)
Shain Mello **DRAFT COPY** 11/07/16
14. No wrangler type tires, bar (tractor tread)
15. Duals allowed on dually trucks only.
16. Snow plow frames are permitted on front of Truck.
17. No frame or suspension modifications.
18. No suspension add ons, air bags or helper springs.
19. No blocked suspension.
20. No laptop computers allowed