High Output Gas



This class is intended for the hottest of the “Still
Street Legal” Gas Trucks that we Drag Race here. The class has the most permitted
modifications or add on’s of any Street Legal Class offered here.
1. All general rules apply
2. Valid PA Vehicle Registration & Inspection ARE NOT REQUIRED.
3. Engine must be of the same brand as manufactured chassis. (Ex. Dodge
truck/Dodge engine, Ford Truck/Ford Engine)
4. Limited to one (1) four-barrel carburetor.
5. A High-rise manifold is permitted.
6. Factory fuel injection and turbo chargers allowed.
7. Headers allowed with mufflers.
8. Exhaust should exit rear of truck or vertical stacks behind cab.
9. Internal engine changes are permitted.
10. NO frame alterations are permitted
11. Positive or welded differentials are permitted.
12. Must have a working suspension components (hangers, shackles, & springs),
however, suspension may be temporarily blocked in some manner
13. Rims up to a maximum of 10 inches wide are permitted.
14. Tread width up to a maximum of 12 inches wide are permitted.
15. D.O.T. tires only. Cut tires allowed.
16. No wrangler type tires, bar (tractor tread) or stock car tires.
17. Racing fuel is permitted
18. No Nitrous Oxide permitted