Outlaw Gasser



This is the hottest class of Gas Trucks that we Drag Race
here. This class has the “most permitted modifications or least amount of restrictions”
depending on your point of view.
A truck in this class is not required to be “Street Legal”.
1. All general Rules apply.
2. Fuel injection, turbos, and supercharges are permitted.
3. Headers may protrude through hood.
4. Hood modifications allowed for fuel injection, turbos and supercharges providing
stock appearance is maintained.
5. Multiple carburation is permitted.
6. Modified trucks may run without radiator and motor may be moved forward, but
must stay behind grill.
7. Engine may be of a different manufacturer than chassis.
8. Frames may be different than manufacturer than the body of the truck, however
wheels must be in original wheel well location in relationship to the body being used.
The center of the top of any tire must be within 6 inches plus or minus the center of
original wheel well of the body being used.
9. Positive or welded differentials are permitted.
10. Suspension blocking is permitted.
11. Rims up to a maximum of 10 inches wide are permitted.
12. Tread width up to a maximum of 12 inches wide are permitted.
13. D.O.T. tires only. Cut tires are permitted.
14. No wrangler type tires, bar (tractor tread) or stock car tires.
15. Gasoline, Racing Fuel, or Alcohol are permitted.
16. NO NITROUS OXIDE permitted!!!
17. An emergency kill switch is required.
18. Fire extinguisher required in cab