Hot Farm Stock




Weights: 7,500 -- 9,500 -- 12,500 (NO SPEED LIMIT)

Cash Payout—are awarded to the top three places in each class.

  • There must be 5-pullers per class to run the class.
  • There will be a $15.00 SLED FEE NO EXCEPTIONS per tractor, per class, payable on registration. 
  • No tractor may pull in more than ONE WEIGHT class. WE RESERVE the right to alter or add to these weight classes if the need arises. 
  • All tractors are required to weigh, before they pull as well as coming off the track.

Weight: may include liquid ballast, factory wheel weights, frame weights, suitcase or wafer weights, securely mounted on weight brackets. You may exceed a weight class by no more than 50-POUNDS if you have removable weights. You may exceed a weight class by no more than 250-POUNDS. If the overall weight of the tractor does not include any removable weights.
Engines: Stock engines block only. Turbos are permitted. No superchargers unless factory installed. Fuel metering devices may be set anywhere.
Hitches: ALL hitch / drawbar may not exceed 20” from the ground level to top of the hitch point
Hitch heights will be checked on scales during weigh-in. In the absence of a pulling loop, use a clevis and a ¾” bolt tightened. This too will be checked on the scales. Be sure you hitch is approved.
Drivers: All drivers must be at least sixteen (16) years old. Young drivers may be required to provide proof of age. All operators will be required to sign a release relieving the sponsor from all personal and property liability.
Safety: The head flagman will determine when a condition is unsafe (front end float, bounce, speed, weight or parts falling off tractor, fire, etc.) and: will “RED FLAG” the puller immediately. Front-end float is not to exceed knee height or at the decision of the flagman. The tractor must be kept within the boundaries of the track at all times. The FLAGMAN’S DECISION IS FINAL. Only track officials are permitted on the track after a tractor starts to pull.
Pulling: A puller may stop within the 75-foot mark for any reason. Any tractor pulling less than 75-feet will be returned to the start line and re-started. The re-start is final.
Traction Devices: Only pneumatic, conventional or radial tires are permitted. NO cut tires permitted. Four wheel drives are not permitted to pull in competition.

Revised: Feb/2018