Tractor Pulls

Tractor Pulls


Tractor Pulls 

All pulls, as a part of the annual engine and machinery show, are conducted to demonstrate the pulling ability of modern farm tractors and for the entertainment of spectators.

We, the Grease Steam and Rust Association, strive to provide entertainment that is judged or run in a fair and non prejudice manner.

A good attitude is expected of all spectators and participants. Any persons not demonstrating such an attitude can and may be asked to leave if deemed necessary.    

We feel the following conditions are quite liberal and fair.

If you have any questions about anything, please ask track officials. We want everything clearly understood in order to avoid the possibility of disputes after each pull starts. In the event of a deadlocked dispute, the final decision lies with the officers and directors of the organization. Their decision will stand and is not open to appeal. We expect this to be a friendly competition and anticipate that all owners and operators will maintain this attitude at all times.  No Harassment will be tolerated towards any GSR member, track official or anyone helping. We are all volunteers. You will be asked to leave.

IF YOU FARM WITH IT, WE WILL PULL IT… We thank you for coming and wish you good luck.

Antique Tractor

Farm Stock

Hot Farm Stock

7700 Light Limited Turbo

8500 Mod Turbo

Pro Stock

All rules revised 3/2019